November 2, 2011

Gutter Cleaning

Your Rain Gutter’s need to be cleaned to function properly. Most people don’t even know their rain gutters need cleaning. It isn’t  until they start to overflow, or become damaged. With over 15 years of cleaning all types of rain systems you can be sure that Lakeview Window Cleaning will get things flowing properly.

We will take before and after pictures of your home, so you can see the difference. We will clean everything out of the rain gutters, then flush them and make sure that they are flowing properly. All down spouts are included in the cost of your rain gutter cleaning! We do not charge extra for this. We charge $1.50 a linear foot for this service, no hidden fees ever!

Gutter protection:

Lakeview does more than just cleaning your Rain Gutters, we can protect your Rain Gutters from ever getting clogged again. You can choose from multiple gutter protection options. All of the protection systems are warranted, and will not alter your homes appearance. Call now and we can schedule a time to get your gutters flowing.

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Jared Beesley