Window Cleaning Solution


I have been asked many times “what secret solution do you use for window cleaning”? So now I will share with everyone what that secret solution is. First I have to let you know we have many different solutions for many different circumstances. Not all window cleaning jobs are the same, some need more work than others.

What we use 99% of the time is Glass Gleam 3 (GG3) mixed in water. GG3 is amazing it is biodegradable and USDA approved.

Now don’t run out and buy  GG3 just yet, like I said earlier it was designed for professional’s. This professional product should be used with a squeegee not a rag or towel. If you have tried using a squeegee you know it’s not as easy as wemake it look to get a streak free clean.

If you ever have any questions or would like know some tricks of the trade let us know we would love to share knowledge on window cleaning with you.specifically designed for professional window cleaning.  What you will notice more than anything is the shine, GG3 will make 

Before and after with our solution:

In the pictures below  you will see before and after when using GG3.





Thank you for your business,

Jared Beesley